The 22 Best Distressed Jeans That Fashion Girls Love


Casual style has never been more relevant or necessary. While you might not be turning to formalwear or going-out attire during this particular time, you might be starting to itch for something other than sweatpants, and that’s exactly why we want to talk to you about this denim trend. Remember distressed jeans? Maybe they were never “out,” but they were certainly less sought-after, especially during the rise of polished, straight-leg jeans. Now, however, as fashion girls are turning to looser and more casual styles, distressed denim is beginning to rise once again. 

Wearing jeans at home is not a popular decision, but for those days when you just need to put on a *real* outfit, we suggest a fresh pair of distressed denim. I first started noticing the resurgence of this denim trend’s popularity on TikTok, but after sifting through a handful of my favorite fashion…

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