The 25 Best Perfume Sets for Gifting in 2020


I’m not sure when, where, or why, but somewhere along the line, perfume gift sets began to accumulate a bum rap in terms of their giftability. Deemed cliché, cheesy, or lazy, some people seem to think perfume sets, and fragrances in general, are an easy way out—thoughtless, they might say. However, we very much beg to differ.

Firstly, wearing and choosing a fragrance is one of the most intimate and personalized ways to adorn and express yourself, and thus, gifting a fragrance, if some thought is put forward as to who your giftee is, is highly personal. So there’s that. Second, we don’t know about you, but perfume is one of those random categories of beauty we don’t necessarily splurge on for ourselves. A mascara that we’ll wear every day? Of course. A serum that claims to give us baby angel skin? Why not. But an expensive scent we may only wear on…

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