The 31 Most Comfortable Sandals for Women on the Internet


Now that things are warming up around the country (aka temps are teetering close to 70 degrees on the West Coast right now), it’s finally time to liberate our limbs with a cute pair of shorts or breezy summer dress and a cool pair of sandals. Let those toes come out of hibernation!

Whether you live in a walking city or find yourself going on long strolls throughout this time of quarantine, comfort is key right now. We know shopping for sandals can sometimes be tricky, as not only do you want to find a pair that doesn’t bestow you with blisters but you also want them to be chic. 

The sporty sandal trend is here to stay, and we have zero complaints about it! These are the next best thing to the comfort of running sneakers—especially with the added benefits of spongey platform soles and cool designs. They look seriously chic with sweat shorts or billowy midi dresses…

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