The 36 Best Cheap Amazon Pieces for Summer


My home has a “closet” that’s truly offensive in every sense of the word. It’s in the corner of my bedroom and can maybe hold, I don’t know, a shoe or two. So my husband and I had to turn our second bedroom into a space with clothes racks and a dresser just so I had a place to hang and store things. I know what you’re thinking: You have an entire room dedicated to your clothes? Well technically, yes, but we never wanted the room to feel like a closet, so I’m limited to two clothes racks and an overstuffed dresser. I know—cue the violins.

Now, before the pandemic, I was good about getting rid of things I didn’t wear regularly. But nowadays, that’s gotten harder for me to do. I’m not wearing the same things I used to wear when, you know, I actually had places to be. So how do I know if I’m actually over something? Despite this conundrum, my urge to shop is in full force, as…

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