The 5 Best Leggings for Pilates—and the Brands to Shop


When it comes to fitness, I’ve tried pretty much every kind of workout imaginable—from HIIT boot camp classes to hot yoga to strength training to ballet. But after much trial and error, I finally found the one workout that I’ve actually stuck with religiously: Pilates. I see the most significant changes in my body when I’m doing Pilates consistently, and I actually enjoy it. Who knew? I’ve been committed for a few years now and have even become somewhat of a Pilates snob. I’ll only take classes using the megaformer and the Lagree method, as I just feel it’s the most efficient workout for your time. (If you’re in the L.A. area, check out The Studio MDR. It’s the best!)

Through my consistent Pilates classes, I’ve also become a bit of a legging snob. I need leggings that hold me in comfortably and stretch with me but don’t stretch out. Oh, and I’m partial to a super-high…

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