The 5 Best Luxury Handbags That Will Always Be Timeless


My mother, like me, believes that it’s the accessories that truly make an outfit, well, an outfit. While she often sticks to more basic clothing that fits within the classic style she’s been honing in on for years, she tends to, as she puts it, “spice things up” with her extras—especially her handbags. While she’s invested in a few designer bags over the years that have definitely withheld their cost-per-wear value, there are a few other silhouettes she’s dreamt about owning.

Naturally, I gave feedback on said styles when she listed them off to me. For the most part, I was on board with each designer handbag pick she covets because they’re timeless and, although my mom is 60, would work for anyone at any age. But I wanted to take my insight one step further and provide my mom with some insider intel on the bags that I not only think could be worth it from a…

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