The 5 Best Online Stores Like Nordstrom


Things to love about Nordstrom: reliable shipping, easy returns, helpful reviews, a wide range of brands and categories, epic sales, and so much more. With all of those qualities, it’s easy to understand why the company has its many loyalists and is a favorite among our selective and stylish set of Who What Wear readers. Today, however, I’m here to tell you that, just in case you ever feel like switching it up, there are other shopping sites I think you just might like, if not love, too.

Crazy thought, I know, but as someone who regularly shops from all the places you’re about to read about below and is a fan of Nordstrom, I can promise that they’re as great as they seem. Whether you’re interested in fashion, beauty, homeware, or all of the above, just keep scrolling for five shopping sites you might end up loving as much as Nordstrom.

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