The 6 Most Popular Jewelry Brands of 2020, Hands Down


Unpopular opinion: Summer fashion is better than fall fashion—hear me out. Yes, fall provides chic layering opportunities that allow for unique styling of several diverse pieces. In contrast, the summer mantra is “less is more” as scorching heat calls for minimalism and optimizing skin exposure. This paring down of the essentials creates a need for innovation, for doing more with less. Bright colors, bold patterns, matching sets, and an anything-goes mentality make for some serious summer street style. The true differentiating factor between summer and fall fashion, however, is the accessories.

While a fashion girl may invest in a singular classic fall It bag, she is likely to have a multitude of cheaper fashion bags to rotate through in the summer. Similarly, fall jewelry is often significantly comprised of gold pieces—gold hoops, layered gold necklaces, perhaps a…

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