The 7 Best Brands for Petite, Plus-Size Women


Yes, sometimes shopping is fun and can provide some much-needed retail therapy, but everyone knows that shopping can also occasionally become a challenge. Never mind trying to find the perfect jeans (do they even exist?) but finding jeans—or any other clothing item for that matter—that come in the exact size and length for your body can often prove nearly impossible. This challenge is something we’re pretty sure many people face, but it seems as though those who fall into both the plus-size and petite ranges have the fewest options. That’s where we come in.

With the fashion industry woefully behind, we’re still waiting on every brand to figure it out and get their sizing right. For now, though, some of our favorite brands are offering extensive sizes and lengths: from 2 to 18 and petite to tall. Those are the types of brands we love to shop from, and we’ve rounded up…

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