The 7 Most Stylish Black Skinny Jean Outfits


If you were to guess what wardrobe basic is bound to be in everyone’s closet right now, chances are you’d guess jeans. More specifically, blue jeans. While the staple piece feels relatively new compared to other historic fashion pieces (i.e., corsets and heels), there’s no arguing that denim has come a long way since it first joined the ranks of everyday wear.

In other words, blue jeans are a tried-and-true item always deserving of a spot in your sartorial collection. That said, there’s nothing wrong with a little variety—and if there’s one denim trend that’s gunning for the classic blue jeans’ limelight, it’s black skinny jeans. And if I may be so bold, it might just take the cake.

Hear me out: Blue jeans in any form are classic. But if you’re looking for another foolproof style to add into the mix, an edgy pair of black skinny jeans are it. The timeless…

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