The 8 Best Fashion Sneaker Brands Editors Love


A solid pair of sneakers—from workout to an everyday fashion silhouette—is basically a staple in a well-balanced wardrobe. (You know, next to other essentials like black booties, strappy sandals, and the like.) Because come on, if you’re looking to create that ideal casual yet chic ‘fit, a cool pair of kicks will undoubtedly act as a key foundational element of said look. Given this, my fellow editors and I have a few key sneaker brands we always keep in our arsenals to create A+ low-key looks.

Naturally, we’re here to share with you said brands that made the cut. Intrigued? Keep scrolling to check out the fashionable sneakers we’ll never give up and will always recommend to others. You’ll also find inspiring shopping picks as well if you’re interested in adding something fresh into your wardrobe.

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