The 8 Best Skincare Tips for Every Skin Type


First and foremost, unless absolutely necessary (like, for instance, there’s a worldwide pandemic, and you’re cut off from a derm’s office), please don’t extract at home. It can increase your chances of infection, spreading bacteria, and scarring. However, if you do try an at-home extraction, take precautions and follow our facialist-led guide here.

Every single skincare professional I’ve seen and interviewed since becoming a beauty editor has waxed poetic on the importance of regular facials and consistency with necessary extractions, even if congestion isn’t necessarily your top skin concern. That said, there’s a fine line with extractions, and too many too often can be really, really hard on your skin, especially if you’re not allowing your skin ample time to heal After going through a period where I was getting—I kid you not—roughly 50 extractions every couple…

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