The 9 Best Brands for High-Waisted Jeans


There was a time many, many years ago when dangerously low-waisted jeans were my denim du jour. I’m talking jeans so low they violated my high school dress code. (I’m surprised my parents let me leave the house in those infamous Frankie B jeans.) But thankfully, my tastes have changed drastically as I’ve gotten older, and my denim preference has swung quite the opposite way. These days, I strictly wear high-waisted jeans and no longer want to even look at pairs that fall below my belly button. I personally just think they’re more flattering and comfortable. (But hey—if they’re not your thing, that’s fine too! Do you.)

Now given that I have a long torso, finding jeans that hit at my belly button or above can be quite the task. Since we’re talking almost a 12″ rise or higher, not every denim brand offers such an option. But over my years of trial and error, I’ve figured out…

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