The 9 Best Summer Wardrobe Basics That Are So Versatile


Although it might not feel like it due to the circumstances surrounding coronavirus, summer and all the cute clothing that comes along with it is right around the corner. If you’ve been keeping up with any of my articles throughout this pandemic, you know that I am taking a stance of optimism and complete hopefulness as it relates to this crisis. That includes my continuation of all sartorial content, including what clothing I am considering buying for summer—whether I will be spending it at the beach or in my home. Since budgeting is definitely a priority for me at this time, I wanted to curate a list of summer basics that anyone can score on the cheap.

The best thing about basics is that they are versatile pretty much by definition. So buying basics on the cheap means you really are getting the most for your money. Including tank tops starting at just $8 and stunning…

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