The Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 3 Recap by Sharleen Joynt


The former Bach contestant, podcast host and FLARE columnist shares her insider’s POV on the third episode of Clare’s season

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Oh my. Where does a recapper even begin? In all my years of watching and analyzing this show, I am certain I have never found a single episode as painful to get through as this one. I have been entertained by episodes and bored to tears by others. I have felt indifferent to some and have been left frustrated by others. Some episodes are agonizing, and the occasional one angers me. But never have I ever been left feeling quite so…uncomfortable as last night’s episode left me.

I said last week that power suits Clare. I’m not sure I still feel that way. It’s not that I think power doesn’t suit her, but rather, it doesn’t always suit her. The statement is evidently not evergreen. Clare as…

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