The Bachelorette Season 16 Men Tell All Recap by Sharleen Joynt


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It turns out that without a full cast, a fancy studio or even an audience, I still enjoy a Tell All. Even in the case of last night’s pared-down set, plus the fact that it was a pretty uneventful and unsatisfying event, I was still somehow munching away happily on my popcorn. You guys know by now why: I’m forever keen to see what contestants say after the fact, when the Bachelor bubble is behind them, after having witnessed much of their own behaviour on TV and experienced any corresponding online backlash.

However, in terms of any retroactive self-awareness, remorse or apologies, this Tell All left a lot to be desired. Most of the drama this season has been logistical, not interpersonal, making for very few sagas to rehash. The only conflict in which both parties were even in the room was yet another instalment…

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