The Best 20 Longline Bras to Step Up Your Lingerie Game


Like any other area of fashion, when it comes to lingerie, there are endless styles to pick and choose from. Whether it’s cotton bralettes for everyday ensembles or lace bodysuits you can wear in (and out) of the bedroom, the list of trends can feel daunting. As tempting as it is to fall into a pattern with your favorites, there’s one lingerie style you might be seriously overlooking: longline bras.

Not that there’s anything wrong with your bras of the standard T-shirt variety or pretty lace bralettes, but there’s something to be said about wearing lingerie that provides a little more coverage—even if it’s just a few inches further down your ribcage. Wear this sleek style underneath your favorite tops for your next night out, or if you’re feeling really daring, place one under a blazer for an It girl–approved ensemble.

Ready to add this style to your drawers?…

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