The Best Basic Clothing to Buy Now and Use Again and Again


Ask any of my friends or co-workers and they will tell you that I love trying out new trends. Even if something doesn’t fully fit my personal style (which, what even is that I’m not sure), I am usually willing to dabble. But this year has made me more aware of the contents of my wardrobe as a whole versus one-off pieces that I love. I have spent more time investing in basics, but investment and affordable, that help to create a well-rounded assortment of clothes and accessories. 

While I expected my closet to feel more cohesive and less explosive, what I did not expect was for my addiction to frivolous trends to be curbed along the way. I found that the more I searched for and wore my basics, the less attracted I was to styles that were fleeting. This is not to say I won’t dip my toe in random trends anymore, but this realization made me appreciate the simpler pieces in my…

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