The Best Graduation Dresses 2020


It’s a bit of a strange time for everyone right now, but if you’re graduating this year, all we can say is, we feel you. Whether your school is choosing to have a virtual graduation or indefinitely postponing your ceremony, you might not be in a cap and gown this year, so it’s all the more reason to find a dress you love and put it on. Even if your only audience is your family, getting dressed up can still provide some serious joy, and hey, you might even feel like putting on some makeup and snapping an Instagram pic to document the occasion. We found 30 styles that will make you smile.

If you were excited about wearing a white dress for graduation, we found plenty of pretty options, but if you feel like going for a color or print, we’ve got you covered, too. We’ve also heard some people say they wish they could’ve worn black to their graduation, and if that sounds like you, go for…

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