The Best Hair Color Tips to Look Younger


What do you feel are the biggest myths or mistakes when it comes to hair color and aging? 

The biggest myth and mistake when it comes to hair color and age is that there should be hard rules. Conventional wisdom wants us to believe that as we get older, we need to stay away from harsh, edgy colors. However, some of my older clients can rock a sleek, chocolate brown look way better than some clients half their age. It all comes down to attitude and how much joie de vivre someone has.

What are your best tips for choosing a flattering hair color that will help someone feel like the best, most youthful version of themself?

If you’re looking for beautiful, low-maintenance color, I suggest going warmer than you might think. Warm tones are almost always universally flattering, yet we often spend so much time fighting against them. Veer toward words like honey and gold and caramel….

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