The Best Nontraditional Wedding Dresses From Movie Brides


Now that I’m spending a lot of time at home, I figure I should start thinking about that wedding that I’ve got coming up in a year, for which I am the bride. Even though I have eccentric everyday style, my bridal taste is a lot more simple. I’m still not sure what my wedding dress will look like, but I figure why not take inspiration from one of the sources I’m quite familiar with these days: movies. I recently put together a list of casual brides IRL, (I’ll always love that Emily Ratajkowski wore a marigold Zara suit to City Hall to tie the knot, for example), but some iconic moments in film do come straight to mind.

I can narrate almost every scene from 1998’s The Parent Trap, including the one where Hallie (who is pretending to be Annie) asks her mother, Elizabeth James, about her wedding to Nick Parker after coming home from summer camp. “Actually, I didn’t even wear a wedding…

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