The Best Spring Looks, According to Women of Different Ages


What’s certainly the most heartwarming to me is that Grein and Golding are equally as in love with New York, despite their initial disillusionment with the city and varying lengths of time they’ve lived there. As someone who moved here only a year ago myself, it reinforces my theory that NY is one of those things—much like spicy food and rollercoasters—that unites people who love it in a way everyone else who doesn’t live here can’t begin to understand. For Grein, New York represents her new playground, where she gets to make art, whether that’s modeling, music, or her latest venture, graffiti. Golding has been here for 30 years now but still gets inspired every day by the energy and sense of belonging the city generates. “What I love about New York is that everyone is a foreigner, and therefore no one is really a foreigner. There’s a togetherness and unification….

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