The Best Sweatshirts and Sweatpants Moments in Movies


Right now, I would be living in my sweatpants whether or not we have great movie moments to thank for inspiration. Even if Instagram didn’t exist, where you can score hundreds of outfit ideas for your loungewear, and even if retailers weren’t putting out adorable, affordable co-ord sets, I’d still be in my sweatpants, because sweatpants are cozy and comfortable. They make staying home for long periods of time feel a little bit more doable. There they are, my sweatpants, peeking out of my drawer like a warm hug waiting for an embrace.

Even though this is what sweatpants mean to me right now, it’s nice to look back on their movie history and reminisce about how, at one point, they were used as a tool to help depict someone’s character. The Parent Trap immediately comes to mind — the difference between how Hallie and Annie Parker each styled their camp sweats was so telling, Hallie…

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