The Best Travel Skincare Tips a Flight Attendant Swears By


What are the best and hardest parts of your job?

The best part of my job is the inherent perks of private travel. I don’t have to deal with the typical airport hassles like TSA luggage restrictions, travel-size bottles, or body scans. The airport experience is very concierge- and white-glove service. The hardest part of my job can be consistently fulfilling any type of request ranging from food to amenities from any city in the world while on a tight deadline. While it can certainly be a challenge, it’s a role that suits me perfectly. I love the challenge of anticipating the needs of my passengers and providing them with the ultimate five-star experience.

Just by looking at you, I would never know you’re such a frequent flyer—how do you keep your complexion so glowy and youthful-looking?

A long day of flying can be especially brutal on my skin. Not only have I been…

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