The Biggest Revelations from the Jessica Simpson Book


Jessica Simpson called her new memoir Open Book, which is a pretty apt description of a frank and funny retrospective of her life both before and after she became one of the tabloid’s favourite targets. From her days as a Kardashian precursor on reality TV to her tortured relationships to her struggles with alcohol and self-medication, Simpson doesn’t skimp on details; sharing even the most difficult moments from her past—like the sexual abuse she endured as a child. And of course, there is also lots of grade-A gossip.

Here, the biggest revelations and juiciest nuggets from Open Book, including what prompted Simpson to stop drinking and why John Mayer is totally a douche.

She had the hots for Ryan Gosling

As a tween, Simpson attended the casting camp for a mid ’90s Mickey Mouse Club reboot, and made it all the way to the finals—along with fellow…

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