The Fragrance No One Is Wearing Anymore


This spring, Coach launched its latest fragrance, Dreams, which was inspired by the American West. It’s a floral, woody fragrance that mimics the cactus flowers you would find in the desert. One thing it isn’t? “Gourmand,” as master nose Philippe Benacin explained to me. When I chatted with the perfumer behind the scent, he explained to me that gourmand notes and very sweet notes are on their way out right now. Candy-like perfumes were wildly popular two years ago, but they’re being replaced with botanical scents. “Right now,” he explained, “it’s more about floral and beautiful bouquets.”

If you similarly find yourself avoiding sweet perfumes and want to explore fresh floral fragrances, which are the best ones to wear? From soft rose to fresh jasmine to complex tuberose, there are plenty of beautiful scents that will envelop your senses. Ahead, check out…

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