The Most Flattering Inseam Length for Your Height


While it would be lovely if every pair of jeans we acquired had the perfect inseam length, it’s hardly ever the case, as we all know from experience. Most jeans made for women come in one inseam length, which adds to the unlikelihood that they’ll work for bodies of any height, especially when we add different shoe styles into the equation. That said, there are different things we can keep in mind when shopping for denim and visiting the tailor, and we found just the professional to boil it all down for us.

Katya Torres is the owner of Denim Surgeon, the New York City–based denim-tailoring experts that distress, repair, and perfect the fit of any pair of jeans that come their way. We consulted Torres on the subject of the most flattering length for both shorter women and taller women, and her tips are sure to clear up any questions you may have about denim inseams.

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