The Most Flattering Skirts for Every Height


You may have already noticed, but at Who What Wear, fashion is one of our favorite ways to express ourselves. We fully believe that that means wearing whatever makes you feel like, well, you. That said, it goes without saying that one of the biggest parts of your confidence can be boiled down to wearing ensembles that look as great as you feel inside. And when you’re trying to decide what to add to your wardrobe, it doesn’t hurt to know what works best with your body.

Now that spring has arrived, odds are you’ve decided to set all your two-legged bottoms to the side for breezier options like skirts. And f you’re on the hunt for a new style—especially of the mini, midi, and maxi variety—we’re here to help. To give you a full breakdown of the best skirts for every height, we tapped celebrity stylist Alyssa Sutter for her expertise.

Below, Sutter shares the…

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