The Most Watched Movies on Netflix Canada in 2019 Might Surprise You


As the curtain fell on 2019, you had two choices about how to spend the final streaming hours of the decade:

1) Bid a long, tender farewell to Friends, slated to leave Netflix on January 1, 2020

2) Hear that it’s only American Netflix who are losing the show, and suddenly realize that you’d literally watched nothing else on Netflix all year because you were cherishing every last minute of your time with the gang in apartment #5. It was bittersweet: They would still be there for you, yes, but now you really had no excuse for not having anything to say about The Irishman.

Fear not, friend-of-Friends: We might be well into 2020 but there’s still time catch up with what everyone else spent 2019 glued to / watching with half-an-eye as they scrolled through Instagram. In the interest of time, however, you’re going to want to be strategic so that you don’t miss…

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