The Next Phase of Meghan Markle Style Is Upon Us


The “fashion cycle” of a woman who marries into the royal family is usually pretty straightforward, but Meghan Markle is about to trailblaze yet again.

At first, a royal GF’s outfits are more casual or sexy. Think Kate’s cocktail-dress days or Meghan’s chill yoga-slash-errand ensembles. Then both the relationship *and* the wardrobe get serious. Before the engagement is announced, the outfits become more elegant and buttoned-up, and the look only gets stronger after the wedding. Sometimes there’s a breakup and we get some hell-yes-I’m-free glam (à la Princess Di’s iconic revenge dress). But what happens fashion-wise when you fully ditch the British monarchy? We’re going to find out.

Since setting some more-than-healthy boundaries and moving to Canada, the Duchess of Sussex has been serving us some truly gorgeous looks that are a mix of classic…

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