The Only 4 Shoe Styles Kate Middleton Wears With Dresses


Kate Middleton definitely plays favorites. No, not with her children (that we know of) but with her shoes. She’s nothing if not reliable when it comes to her footwear choices for different kinds of occasions. Yes, she’ll sometimes throw us for a loop and introduce a new brand or different color into the mix, but overall, her outfits follow certain formulas.

For instance, she loves to color-coordinate her shoes. If she’s wearing a green dress, she’ll either go matchy-matchy and choose shoes in the exact same hue, or she’ll do a tonal look by selecting shoes in a different shade of the same color family. In the same vein, she also likes to match her accessories to her shoes, so if she has a black bag and belt, you can pretty much guess what color her shoes will be. Scroll down to see and shop the rest of Middleton’s favorite shoes to wear with dresses. 

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