The Rise of the Boudoir Spring 2020 Fashion Trend


If you’re lounging at home in your fabulously silky undergarments, you’re already ahead of one of fashion’s favorite Spring trends: boudoir dressing. A woman’s boudoir might be a dated idea, but it seems that fashion’s fascination with a bygone femininity continues from the puff-sleeve dresses on the prairie to the fur-trimmed robes of the dressing room.

The boudoir was once understood to be a woman’s private sitting room in a very wealthy home. Today, when we think of boudoir, many of us have instant references of a woman floating around her walk-in closet wearing hair rollers, fluffy slippers, and an extravagant sheer robe. Although the idea of the boudoir has faded, the aesthetic that it inspires couldn’t be more relevant.

Premier fashion search engine Tagwalk released in its Fall/Winter 2020 trend report that searches for “boudoir” were up by 140 percent, as compared to the…

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