The Too Hot to Handle Narrator is the Best Part of the Netflix Show


Sorry, but Francesca has *nothing* on Desiree

By now we’ve probably all streamed the hottest show in quarantine, Too Hot to Handle, on Netflix. The reality series follows 10 thirsty singles on a resort in Mexico for what they think is going to be a month of partying and hooking up (we know this because the series frequently flashes words like “ORGY” and “SEX” across the screen during scene transitions), only to find out that they have to stay hella celibate in order to win the $100,000 prize money. The show is straight off the rails and is *seriously* the juicy binge-watch we all need right now for several reasons, but one in particular stands out—the narrator. Because folks, the narrator is the *best* part of that whole damn show!

Here’s why the best character on Too Hot to Handle is the sassy narrator.

First of all, the Too Hot to…

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