The Top 10 Vegan Makeup Brands, Ranked


In case you hadn’t noticed, a vegan lifestyle is about as trendy as pumpkin spice lattes right now. Oftentimes, the pain point of the lifestyle is not the diet—it’s finding suitable products for every other facet of your routine, including cosmetics. If you’ve ever considered adopting a vegan makeup routine, chances are you’ve found yourself in an online rabbit hole trying to make sense of it all. Why is it so dang confusing?

Well, one hiccup is the distinction between buzzy terms like cruelty-free and vegan-friendly that people sometimes mistakenly take to be synonymous with true vegan. To put it plainly, if a brand identifies as vegan, it means they don’t use animal ingredients at all. If you see a vegan-friendly label, it means that only some of its offerings are vegan but not all of them. Cruelty-free, on the other hand, means that the brand doesn’t test on…

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