The Ultimate Playlist Of The 2010s: A Decade Of Transition


Reflecting our favourite tracks from the last decade, through the lens of 2020

Presented by Colgate Optik White Renewal 

In the year of 2020—when the nature of our social order feels appropriately conditional and fluctuating— it’s a peculiar time to reflect on the past, especially while examining its influence on the present. Looking over your shoulder and back into the decade reveals how not only our perceptions of popular music evolved over the last ten years, but how our expectations for which stories needed to be told shifted alongside it.

Now, over a decade after Kesha dropped “Tik Tok,” an audience accustomed to unrestricted listening (thanks to streaming) can embrace artists on the fringe, naming them as their icons, and rendering malleable the space between fame and fandom—all under the assumption that everyone has the power to…

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