These Are Fall’s Most Controversial It Shoes


As fall is officially in full swing, I’ve been scrolling through my feed in search of emerging shoe trends (as one does when they work in fashion), and lo and behold, a big one has been discovered. A few clues: You could say that it falls squarely into the category of “ugly” shoe trends, they’re pretty affordable, and they’re very comfortable. Any guesses?…

If you’re thinking some form of Birkenstock shoes, ding ding ding! While the brand’s Arizona sandals are a summer staple, we haven’t really seen Birkenstocks of any other form creep into fashion girls’ fall and winter wardrobes recently, but that’s changing with fall 2020 and the rising popularity of Birkenstock Boston Clogs. You know the ones—you may have even owned a pair yourself in years past. Well, I’m here to announce that it’s now time to dust them off or add a pair to your cart because they’ll probably…

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