These Are the 13 Best Acne Products I’ve Tried


Whether I’m writing about the products that I’ve actually loved this month or the beauty tool that’s changed my skincare routine for the better, I always try to be as open and honest about my skin journey as possible. As someone who has experienced pretty severe acne since my teenage years, I’m not on board with miracle cures and wonder products that claim to eliminate spots and vanish breakouts in one use, and I’d hate to give the impression that there are products on the market that can do that.

In all honesty, the only thing that has ever made a long-term dent in my hormonal breakouts is the contraceptive pill. I was on it for the best part of 12 years before I decided that crippling headaches and low moods weren’t worth the cost of clear skin. Although, ask me how I feel about that compromise on a day when my acne is particularly painful and prominent and a migraine…

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