These Are the 16 Best Faux-Fur Coats for 2020


At this time of year, we fully support anything that makes leaving our warm and cosy homes and heading out into the chill less depressing. And this is where the beloved faux-fur coat comes in to save the day, almost every day of the week. Sure, there are a million other coat options to pick from for winter—from vinyl through to the puffer—but it’s the fuzziest that are stealing our hearts, and subsequently warming the rest of our bodies.

Since so many designer brands have officially gone fur-free and the trend for fuzzy coats has been going strong for a few winters now, the game has officially been upped. Once upon a time, you could tell a cheap, faux-fur coat from a mile off and it was considered naff. That can no longer be said of the imitation fur out there: Some versions from ASOS, Zara and Topshop would fool even the richest fashion lovers in the world into thinking…

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