These Are the Best Spring Pieces at Zara Right Now


You’re probably wondering what being a picky Zara shopper even means, so I’ll explain. While I love Zara as much as the next girl, when I shop there, I do my best to use as discerning an eye as I would have if everything there were super expensive. In other words, not just buying anything I see because it’s affordable or at the very least more affordable than a lot of other brands out there. Not a bad approach, right?

And since it’s recently dropped a ton of items for spring and the season is technically still in full swing despite current events, I figured I would share what I’d be buying from Zara were I in the market for a new seasonal wardrobe. Somehow, despite my pickiness, I still ended up with a whopping 44 picks, so to see everything that made the cut, just keep scrolling—and be sure not to quit before you get to the shoe section!

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