These Are the Most Uplifting Perfumes for Every Taste


Despite the fact that the size of my perfume collection is without a doubt unnecessary and extravagant, it turns out that my theory about perfume lifting my spirits actually does make sense. Aromatherapy Associates Master Blender Luke Taylor says, “In more recent times, numerous studies have revealed that various psychological effects can be attributed to fragrance inhalation. Increased brain activity, changes in bloody pressure, heart rate and pupil dilation are all immediate effects of olfactory stimulation.” 

But what exactly makes a great uplifting perfume? The truth is, what’s uplifting for one, might not necessarily be for another. “Any scent you enjoy will evoke happiness, either from the pure joy of experiencing it or reminiscing on past enjoyable events,” says Taylor. Although tastes do vary from person to person, I think I have whittled down just about…

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