These Are the Only 10 Summer Staples You Need


You might be greeting this post with complete and utter disbelief, in which case, I concur: it really does sound like bullsh*t. In fact, when I started counting the articles of clothing I’ve honestly been sticking to — “hmm, what have you been washing in the laundry lately, Sarah?” — I expected to come up with, like, 30 different essentials my fashion-loving heart — even during social distancing — could not live without. Because I am the type of person who couldn’t stand the sweatpants fatigue after just a few weeks in isolation.

If I wanted to, I really could choose just one house dress and abandon all the others. (Seriously, it’s the loose, billowy white one with the pouf sleeves.)

When I decided to start rekindling my relationship with my closet, I wasn’t dressing for my housemates — my future husband and my cat (OK, maybe a little for my cat) — I was really dressing…

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