Think Your Ex Was Bad? These Dating Stories Are The Worst


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Dating can be the worst.

Between deadbeat dudes, f-ck boys, ghosting and straight-up terrible first impressions, getting to know someone romantically can leave you feeling… drained. Just watch any season of The Bachelor or The Hills if you need further proof. If you’ve ever felt like love is a battlefield loaded with shitty dudes waiting to stomp on your heart while making you pick up the cheque (or at the very least waste your precious time), have no fear—we’ve all been there.

In that spirit, some friends of FLARE generously agreed to share their most terrible dating stories. From not-so-discreet hook-up requests to poop-stained PJ pants, here are tragic things that have happened to us IRL. You’re welcome, and no, we’re not sorry for sharing.

Unforgivable first dates

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The guy who valued “experiences” over…

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