This Affordable Makeup Routine Only Costs $99


If you used to follow me over on Byrdie, you might know I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to my makeup routine. If I had to choose between hair, skincare, nails, and makeup, the latter category would be my favorite. By far.

Ever since I first swiped a mascara wand over my lashes back in middle school, I’ve been obsessed—poring over my favorite magazines, creating very extensive lists of very expensive products to try (much to my parents horror, I’m sure), and creating binders and folders filled with torn out inspirational beauty looks from said magazines. Luckily, I think I ended up in the right career path to put my passion to good use.

I’m not sure why I became stuck on high-priced, prestige makeup, but I did. Throughout high school and college, I’d spend most of the money I made nannying and working at my retail job to squirrel away Dior mascaras, Clé de Peau…

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