This Pretty Sock Trend Has Officially Taken Over My IG Feed


Listen, kudos to all the girls looking cute on Instagram right now, but I’m over here wearing saggy sweats and ripped T-shirts—sorry, not sorry. I’m particularly impressed by the stylish women who have definitely outdone me in the hosiery department. Not have these women managed to find matching socks—something I can’t seem to bother with these days—but they’re wearing the cutest, most Instagram-worthy styles imaginable. Maybe it’s time to up my game?

I first noticed the sheer sock trend Lirika Matoshi’s Instagram, where the designer’s photo of her daisy socks went viral. Then all of a sudden, I started noticing sheer socks every time I opened Instagram. Some are designer (hello, Prada), but all of these looks can be recreated affordably. I love a good tube sock, but these sheer beauties will add some much-needed joy to make work-from-home style. Scroll down to see…

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