Tiger King Where Are They Now: A Complete Guide


It’s probably safe to assume that if you haven’t watched it yet, you’ve *at least* heard about Tiger King. The latest Netflix craze—which launched on March 20 and was filmed over five years—has taken up the number-one spot in everyone’s quarantine viewing cue. Captive audiences have been eagerly binge-watching the seven-episode series and dying to find out what happened to the documentary’s main characters. But if you haven’t seen the doc yet—you’re probably *a little* confused. Because there’s a LOT going on.

In a nutshell: It follows the made-for-TV character of Joe Exotic, a big-cat-loving gentleman who ran an Okhlahoma-based exotic animal park, and his nemesis Carole Baskin—who ran a competing big-cat sanctuary. But, TBH, that is literally skimming the thinnest of surfaces. Because the series is about SO much more than just competing…

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