Vickie Guerrero reveals which 2 WWE legends were intimidating to work with, managing Nyla Rose in AEW


Legendary WWE GM Vickie Guerrero was recently announced as Nyla Rose’s new manager in AEW. Guerrero immediately put the rest of the women’s division on notice, telling them that Nyla Rose would take every opportunity they had been waiting for. Guerrero, a former general manager in WWE, seems to be relishing her new role as the manager of the Native Beast on AEW.

Former WWE General Manager Vickie Guerrero on working with Nyla Rose in AEW

Vickie Guerrero was recently a guest on Instinct Culture and discussed what it was like being Nyla Rose’s new manager in AEW:

Being the bad guy, of course I want to team up with the biggest woman that they have on there besides Kong – but Kong’s on GLOW so she’s not there.

I got to work with Nyla Rose and got to know her and I loved her character, I loved her attitude and her personality. When they teamed us up, right away we took off with creative…

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