We Have So Many Questions About the KJ Apa Pandemic Thriller


2020 has been the best of times and it has most definitely been the worst of times—and it looks like it’s about to get even worse. On October 29, the first trailer was released for producer Michael Bay’s Songbird, an action-packed, Transformers-esque film about the current COVID-19 pandemic that’s set to be released in 2021.

Coined as a romantic thriller, the film—which stars Riverdale’s KJ Apa alongside celebs like Demi Moore and Alexandra Daddario—shows us the United States in 2022. We’re three years into the pandemic, there’s now a deadlier strain called COVID-23 (frickin’ great) and an authoritarian government is forcing anyone infected into quarantine camps (or Q-Zones).

But alas folks, not to worry, because our Archie Andrews is immune! Apa’s Nico, a bike messenger, is trying to…

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