What Body Shape Am I? Our Body Shape Calculator Works It Out


Personal style is just that: personal. And no one person or rule can really tell you what suits you. If you’re lucky, you just get a feeling and can run with it. But we all have those moments of uncertainty and a guiding factor towards a reliable clothing choice can lie in the question we sometimes find ourselves pondering, “What body shape am I?”

Forget sizeā€”this isn’t about that and never should be. Instead, there is a nifty little way to understand your body shape, and it’s thanks to our brilliant co-founder Hillary Kerr, who let us know that we can find which pieces show off our figures best by simply understanding our body shapes a little better, and dressing accordingly (be safe in the knowledge this still leaves you with so many options). Instead of panicking and buying in on every fashion trend, try dressing to show off your figure with the help of our body shape…

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