What I Buy From Stores I Loved in My 20s Now That I'm 35


I think that if you asked my mom, she’d probably say that I don’t dress my age, but now that I’m 35, my shopping habits have changed significantly from when I was in my 20s. That said, many of the stores I shop today are ones I started shopping in my 20s. My shopping carts just look a little different now.

In my 20s, my closet was filled with miniskirts, denim jackets, skinny jeans, and trendy going-out dresses and tops. Now, I shop for pieces with more longevity, choosing quality over quantity. I don’t shop for specific events and occasions anymore because those are usually the pieces I only wear a couple of times. The sites I’ve been shopping for years have the variety that suits both my 20-something and 30-something selves (i.e., chic double-breasted blazers mixed in with the trendy party dresses).

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