What is Lamellar Water? A Hair Treatment Nothing Short of Miraculous


Lamellar water is the truth—and it’s amazing on all hair textures

Trust me when I say I’ve tried allllllll the hair treatments. Having bleached my hair for more than 12 years now, I’m always on the hunt for products  to help restore some life and hydration into my otherwise parched mane. While there are some hair masks and deep conditioners out there that help, it wasn’t until this year that I discovered a new breakthrough treatment called lamellar water that made a big (huge!) difference in my hair’s health, look and feel. Lamellar water is the latest Korean beauty treatment to arrive in Canada but unlike most K-beauty trends like glass skin and ampoules, this one’s for your hair, not your skin. 

I first learned about lamellar water at the end of 2019 and the buzz about this magic technology (yes, it’s seriously transformative) has…

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